About Us

Core business

We manage a low-overhead, ad- hoc, distribution network that targets US and Asian products with limited existing UK and Europe sales channels. We actively search out innovative and exciting product lines and raise their profile in the European market.

By building extensive relationships with UK high-street shops and national suppliers we maintain high-flux distribution channels that allow retailers to pass on attractive products with attractive margins.


Knowing who to approach with new product lines is key to bringing new products on-stream outside of existing distribution networks.

We leverage our advertising, public relations, industry and retail contacts to give every new product the best possible chance of achieving growth in the UK and Europe. Pairing great products with great clients can give bright ideas the jump-start they need.


We select shipping providers and warehousing from a set of preferred partnerships to suit specific products and markets.

Streamlined shipping, customs clearance, warehousing and consignment splitting allow us to maintain a low inventory with rapid order fulfilment.